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Former Commodity Futures Trade Commission Supervisor and Steering Committee Member of the “Plunge Protection Team”, Prof. Michael Greenberger Testifies Before the United States Senate Committee “Energy Market Manipulations and federal Enforcement Regimes”:

“... if you were to add all of the WTI trading on NYMEX, ICE, and the Dubai exchange, speculation might very well approach 80-90 per cent of the WTI trades executed by U.S. owned exchanges. By any objective assessment, the crude oil market is now overwhelmingly dominated by speculation, most of which is not subject to the age old controls imposed upon speculators in these markets. One can easily see then how Goldman Sachs, a huge trader in these markets itself, could confidently predict that oil will soon reach $200 a barrel.”

Non-Regulation Enabled by the CFTC

“For all of these reasons, the Federal Trade Commission should be urged by this Committee to fulfill aggressively the 2007 Congressional mandate to stop any manipulative practices within the petroleum markets, including activity within the crude oil futures markets distorting crude oil prices. The path for such an investigation has already been well marked by Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. The FTC should use all of the powers available to it to promulgate its rule and begin it investigation expeditiously. The stability of the American economy demands nothing less.”

Rating Agencies & Securitization
Von Oliver von Schweinitz

Wer ein Wertpapier auf den Kapitalmärkten erwirbt, hat keinen Kontakt zum "Verkäufer" des Kreditrisikos. Das Risiko eines Fehlkaufes ist erheblich. »

Securitization - The Last Tango
By F William Engdahl

NYT Magazine Preview by Roger Lowenstein
Triple-A Failure The Ratings Game

Paul Volcker explaining the Financial Crisis
to the Economic Club of New York:

“The dollar, after all, is a fiat currency, backed only by the word and policies of our government, exemplified by an independent central bank committed to maintaining a price stability.”


“Market Fundamentalism” and the Tyranny of Money
Recommendations for Reform of the US Monetary System
by Richard C. Cook

10 bucks
Der schwarze Schoß der Zeit 2004 - Das System der Bank von England gegen die Selbstregierung über Kredit und Geld:

Alexander Hamilton im Gedächtnis

US$ Insolvency, Bernanke`s Hallucinations of History & Creatio Ex Nihilo - Monetary Economics as a Clandestine Religion

Speech by Stephen Zarlenga,
Director of American Monetary Institute, 2005

Draft of American Monetary Act to Restore Constitutional Power over Money / American Monetary Institute Monetary Reform Conference, Chicago, Sept. 21–24, 2006


The Culture of Contentment or What a Hamilton Project could learn from J. Kenneth Galbraith († 29 April, 2006)

Hamilton logoRestoring America's Promise of Opportunity, Prosperity and Growth

“We believe that America's promise—that education and hard work can provide each individual with the opportunity to advance—is in jeopardy because our nation is neither paying its own way nor investing adequately in its future. The Project's economic strategy reflects a judgment that long-term prosperity is best achieved by making economic growth broad-based, by enhancing individual economic security, and by embracing a role for effective government in making needed public investments.”

The Hamilton Project Launch April 5, 2006, 10:30 am — 12:00 pm At the Brookings Institution, Washington, DC

U.S. Senator Barack Obama`Speech / Memorizing 2004: ...there is another ingredient in the American saga.

Speech by Robert Rubin, former Secretary of the Treasury, now Director, Citigroup Inc.

Dire Memories of Lasting Defeat for the Democratic Left
Wall Street and the Left

A Hamilton Project
and the Victory Over Want

By James Cumes, 6.5.2006

The Indigent Rich & The Rate of Interest
Remarks by James Cumes on the Occasion of a New Book
On Creditary Structures by Geoffrey W. Gardiner, 4.5.2006